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Rolling airbag

Qingdao Belt Marine Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces: marine fender, marine ball, Yokohama fender, inflatable rubber fender, inflatable ball, inflatable bumper, marine airbag, launching airbag, polyurethane floating fender, floating fender, salvage Floating bag, inflatable buoy, buoy, polyurethane buoy.

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  • Product Details

The use of Rolling airbag is an innovative technology with independent intellectual property rights in China. It is a promising new technology. It overcomes the limitations of traditional crafts such as skateboards and slides. The shipbuilding industry is welcomed by its low investment, quick results, and safety and reliability. The ship uses lifting airbags and rolling airbags as the main tools to support the ship on the airbag, move from the repairing site to the waters or migrate from the waters, and use the low inflation pressure of the airbag, the large bearing area and the easy rolling after large deformation. First, the ship is lifted from the pier by the lifting airbag, placed on the rolling airbag, and then the steel cable is pulled and the airbag is rolled to make the ship slowly slide into the water. Based on its innovative technology, Qingdao Belter has designed and produced a new type of integrated high-strength marine launching airbag, which provides the most effective guarantee for the airbag launching process of large ships.

Marine airbags are divided into: low pressure airbags, medium pressure airbags, high pressure airbags

Rolling Airbag supplier

  • After Sales Service

    1. The warranty period of our product is two years, so free repair or replacement are available if quality problems occur within warranty period . 2. Responsible for guiding repair and maintenance process; provide repair materials and tools. 3. Guide or participate in the application of product to any project. 4. Free pre-sale, sale, after sale service.

  • How to Repair Marine Airbags?

    (6) Seal the cracks with the thickness of 1mm and the width of the raw rubber strip 1cm larger than the crack. (7) Brush with gasoline and dry it. (8) For longitudinal cracks, first use a width of 10cm cord hanging fabric perpendicular to the direction of the crack to apply a layer. (9) Lay a layer of cord cord fabric in parallel direction. The lap area on the crack should be greater than 5cm, and the corners shoul be made round. (10) Lay a layer of cord cord fabric diagonally. The direction of the cord should be the same as that of the inclined cord in the capsule wall. The surrounding lap should be 1cm larger than that of the previous layer, and the corners shoul be made round.

  • How to Repair Marine Airbags?

    The damage divided into longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks and nail holes. The procedures as bellow : (1) Line the scope needing repair out the boundary of polishing. The scope of repair should be expanded to the surroundings of crack, not miss hidden injuries. The range of extension varies according to the type and the extent of damage. Usually three layers are 18-20 cm; four layers are 20-22 cm; five layers are 22-24 cm; six layers are 24-26 cm. (2) Polish and repair surface until fiber line is exposed,do not damage it. (3) For the longer cracks, cord thread should be used to sew them first. The position of stitch holes is about 2-3 cm away from cracks, the distance between it is about 10 cm. (4) Clean with gasoline and drying them. (5) Apply a layer of mucilage. Mucilage made from raw rubber and soaked in gasoline. The weight ratio of raw rubber to gasoline is 1:5, from raw rubber to gasoline is 1:8. After first layer of glue dry, apply a slightly thickened mortar and dry

  • How to Preserve Airbags?

    1. The preservation of airbags: When the launching air bag is not used for a long time, it should be washed and dried, filled with talcum powder and coated with talcum powder outside, and placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place indoors, away from the heat source. The air bags should be stretched and laid flat, and should not be pressed by heavy objects. Air bags can not be contacted with acids, bases, grease and organic solvents.

  • How to Choose Size and Quantity of Marine Air Bags?

    The sizes and specifications of ship launching air bags should be selected according to the comprehensive information such as ship type, ship's deadweight tonnage, load tonnage, ship length, ship width, berth gradient ratio, tidal change and so on.

  • What is the Maximum working Pressure of Marine Airbags?

    The maximum working pressure of marine airbags depends on the diameter, the number of layers and the working height of the airbags. Not all types of airbags have the same maximum working pressure. The general working pressure range is 0.1MPa-0.35MOa. The specific pressure range should be determined according to the actual situation.

  • How to Pack and Transport Marine Airbags?

    Shipping airbag tray or wooden box transport.

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