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Naval fender

Qingdao Belt Marine Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces: marine fender, marine ball, Yokohama fender, inflatable rubber fender, inflatable ball, inflatable bumper, marine airbag, launching airbag, polyurethane floating fender, floating fender, salvage Floating bag, inflatable buoy, buoy, polyurethane buoy.

Keywords: Naval fender rubber pneumatic dock fenders
  • Product Details

What are the two types of Naval fender?

1. Inflatable ball-sheathed sheath-type inflatable fender (by ball) carries a layer of sheath outside the surface layer. The sheath consists of a chain, or a nylon rope net, and an old tire (or rubber sleeve). The longitudinal breakpoint of the chain or nylon net is connected to one or two meshes of the adjacent nets by a cable or a drawstring, and a tire or rubber sleeve is attached to the net cover to provide protection for the ball body.

2, inflatable fender - non-sheath type non-sheath type inflatable fender ball, that is, the ball is covered by the mesh tire cover outside the surface of the ball, this kind of ball is light, easy to move, while rotating the ball in the work More flexible to cope with impacts from all angles.

Naval fender common size table

Dimensions: diameter 0.2m--3.5m, length 0.5m--8m can be selected as needed

Naval fender

Naval fender fender structure

Naval fender

  • After Sales Service

    1. The warranty period of our product is two years, so free repair or replacement are available if quality problems occur within warranty period . 2. Responsible for guiding repair and maintenance process; provide repair materials and tools. 3. Guide or participate in the application of product to any project. 4. Free pre-sale, sale, after sale service.

  • The Inflation Pressure of Ship Fender

    The inflation pressure of ship fender is generally divided into Type 50 and Type 80, which are commonly called 0.05MPa and 0.08MPa.

  • Maximum Working Pressure of The Fender (Explosion Pressure)

    The maximum explosion pressure of fender is 0.7MPa.

  • How to Transport Fender whose Diameter is Over 2.5 Meters ( Fender Can Be Transported By Housing Enterprises)

    Fender diameter, which is more than 2.5 meters, can be transported after releasing fender gas.

  • How Do You Pack Super Large Fenders?

    After the gas is released, the super large fender will be transported by the open top cabinet.

  • Can You Provide Certificates Of Origin Such As FORM A or FORM E?

    FORM A or FORM E can be provided, as well as other relevant documents.

  • How to Maintain the Fender ?

    1. The max deformation of the inflatable fender is 60% (except for special ship type or special operation), the pressure is 0.05-0.08MPa (the pressure can be determined according to the ship type, tonnage and surrounding environment). 2. Avoid the stabbing and scratching of sharp objects in the use of marine inflatable fender (ball fender); take timely care and maintenance; a pressure test should be carried out in 5-6 months. 3. Check the fender body is scratched or stabbed regularly. Keep it away from contacting anything sharp to prevent piercing fenders. When it’s in use, the cable , chain or wire rope to hang the fender's shouldn’t be knotted. 4. When fender has been idle for a long time, it should be washed, dried, filled with appropriate amount of gas, placed in a dry, cool and ventilated place. 5. Fender storage should be kept away from heat sources, as well as acid, alkali, grease and organic solvents. 6. Do not pile up when it not in use, and not pile heavy objects on fend

  • Can the Air Leakage of Inflatable Fender Be Patched?

    Depends on whether the fender leakage and damage is serious. The actual pictures will be needed or factory technicians will be sent to the scene for understanding the relevant issues. Details are available by consulting the factory in advance.

  • How to Select Fender Size and Style; the Matters of Ship Fenders Needing Attention?

    How to Choose Fender Size and Style? Choosing a fender first requires understanding of the ship's type, ship tonnage, ship size and sea environment. Tell the factory the above information, and the factory will design the most reasonable size for you based on these information. The Matters of Ship Fenders Needing Attention 1. Choosing the ship fender (ball fender) should take into account the tonnage of the ship's derrick, the maximum arm length; because the weight and diameter of the ship fender (ball fender) can not be higher than the tonnage of the ship's derrick and the maximum arm length. 2. The ship fenders (ball fender) are divided into protective and portable, depending on which kind of fenders are suitable for ships. 3. Ship fenders (ball fender) should be chosen according to the diameter. If the above considerations are uncertain, you can also contact the manufacturer, the manufacturer will recommend suitable marine fender (ball fender)

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