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DA Super Arch Rubber Fender

Qingdao Berte Shipping Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces: marine fender, marine ball, Yokohama fender, inflatable rubber fender, inflatable ball, inflatable bumper, marine airbag, launching airbag, polyurethane floating fender, floating fender, salvage Floating bag, inflatable buoy, buoy, polyurethane buoy

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  • Product Details

D type rubber marine fenderD type rubber marine fender

The DA Type Super Arch Rubbe Fender is one of the most widely used fender varieties, with many advantages such as high energy absorption, flexible layout and suitable installation scale. Its unit product weight absorption energy is second only to the super drum fender in the compression fender, 3.5 times higher than the cylindrical fender and 2.3 times higher than the D fender, saving material.

The DA Super Arch Rubber Fender has a friction coefficient of up to 0.6 due to the fender working surface (rubber) and the ship slab (steel plate). In use, the root of the fender is often torn and damaged, which becomes a major deficiency of the product. Reduce the coefficient of friction and reduce the shear force on the fender when the ship is docked (in berth), thus extending the service life of the product. Then there was a super arched fender with a front-mounted anti-shock steel frame (with PE). However, when the fender is partially stressed, the anti-shock steel frame cannot be recovered after being deformed, causing the fender to be scrapped. Therefore, the product of this structure gradually disappears before being recognized by the majority of users (except for the combined type). .

1. DA super arch type rubber fender is suitable for docks, with large compression, high energy absorption and low reaction force.

2, easy to install and replace.

The front end of the super arch rubber fender can be added with an anti-shock plate or an ultra-high molecular polyethylene veneer to reduce the surface pressure and the friction coefficient with the ship plate, so that the shearing force during berthing is greatly reduced.

  • After Sales Service

    1. The warranty period of our product is two years, so free repair or replacement are available if quality problems occur within warranty period . 2. Responsible for guiding repair and maintenance process; provide repair materials and tools. 3. Guide or participate in the application of product to any project. 4. Free pre-sale, sale, after sale service.

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