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D-type rubber fender

Qingdao Belt Marine Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces: marine fender, marine ball, Yokohama fender, inflatable rubber fender, inflatable ball, inflatable bumper, marine airbag, launching airbag, polyurethane floating fender, floating fender, salvage Floating bag, inflatable buoy, buoy, polyurethane buoy

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  • Product Details

D-type rubber fender

D-type rubber fender

D-type rubber fender

D-type rubber fenderD-type rubber fender

Introduction to various types and characteristics of D-type rubber fender

1) Cylindrical rubber fender:

The characteristic reaction is low, the surface pressure is small, and the suction energy is reasonable. When berthing, the adaptability of the ship's roll and pitch is not affected by the size of the ship, and the utility model is convenient for installation and maintenance, and is particularly suitable for the old dock.

2) D-type rubber fender:

The characteristic reaction force is moderate, the energy absorption is higher than that of the cylinder type; the installation is convenient to work; because the bottom width is small, it is especially suitable for framed dock and shipboard installation.

3) DO type rubber fender:

Features: The reaction force is higher than the D-type fender; the installation strength and service life are greatly improved compared to the D-type fender;

Arch type (V type) rubber fender: features moderate reaction force, high energy absorption; firm and convenient installation;

Suitable for all types of terminals.

4) DA type rubber fender:

The utility model has the characteristics of high energy absorption and low reaction force; the product has higher stress dispersion and long service life; the front side is provided with a defensive plate to reduce the surface pressure; the specifications are complete and the installation manner is diverse; the replacement is convenient.

5) Drum type rubber fender:

Features low reaction force, large suction energy; surface pressure below 25 tons / m 2; low compression mechanical properties of tilting; ∏ type rubber fender: low reaction force, large energy absorption; easy installation; generally suitable for large and medium-sized wharf .

  • After Sales Service

    1. The warranty period of our product is two years, so free repair or replacement are available if quality problems occur within warranty period . 2. Responsible for guiding repair and maintenance process; provide repair materials and tools. 3. Guide or participate in the application of product to any project. 4. Free pre-sale, sale, after sale service.

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